We are a Fiduciary Firm

A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence. 

— Lord Millett, Bristol and West Building Society v Mothew

We are an independent firm and we do not represent any specific products. We endeavor to get to know you and your situation, then find the appropriate investment model for you. We believe in complete transparency, so you will always know our fees up front, with no surprises down the line.

We have a fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest, and this is the highest standard of care.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Don't let unnecessary taxes rob you of a brighter future.  There are many tax reduction strategies available to individuals and business owners that can help you keep more of your hard earned dollars.  Some of these strategies could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, most families or business owners do not sit down with their CPA or Certified Tax Coach each year to learn the best tax reduction strategies that apply to them or their business.  Let's face it, most accountants are just too busy filing tax returns and keeping books.   In addition, this type of work has to be billed separately due to it's complexity, and many people just hate to pay for advice.  This type of advice is not free and is not given away on a blog on the internet.  Did you know that CPA's, financial advisers or insurance agents are not required to take even one class on retirement plans?   If you are a business owner, now is the time to learn about potential strategies that may help reduce your income taxes so you can keep more or use it to grow your business. All tax specific planning and tax advice is performed by a CPA referral partner firm and not by Robert Scott or Accurate Wealth Management,LLC

Retirement Income Planning

Optimal retirement income planning is best achieved by using a combination of products that deliver the highest level of income for a given dollar.  "Optimal" may mean different things to different people, but to us it means a plan that has a very low risk of failure, certainty and security provided by guaranteed income you cannot outlive, tax management, and leaving a legacy to your loved ones at the end of a very long life.

Our planning method allows us to model and test the various retirement income methods used to deliver retirement income including systematic withdrawals, Buy income and invest the difference, Buy an Income Floor, and the Income Bucket approach. Let us test your strategy.

Using the right mix of insurance and investment solutions can help provide the same or higher level of income with less risk and lower cost.

Fee only Investment advisory services / Financial Planning / Insurance

We are an independent wealth advisory firm adhering to the fiduciary standard.  We collaborate with other competent advisers or your own advisory team members in the legal and accounting field to provide comprehensive wealth solutions.

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